Lighting Tips for Studio Apartments According to Experts

Aside from HDBs and condominiums, a lot of people today prefer to stay in studio apartments. Indeed, studio pads are smaller than the first two mentioned housing types, but they fit just right for individuals and couples who prefer to live independently. 

Despite their small floor space, studio apartments have a lot of potential to look and feel bigger. The right lighting design, for instance, does wonders on a small room, let alone a studio apartment. By lighting up your home at the right places, you can see drastic changes in look, ambiance, and spatial value.

If you are to consult interior designers in Singapore on how to maximise the features of your studio apartment using lighting design, you may encounter these tips:

Utilise your windows.

Studio apartments often have few windows, and these serve as the windows of the entire unit. If your window happens to be facing an open view (i.e., not facing another building), then unlock it to let in the natural light.

Natural light is an excellent source of ambient light, as it brightens up as much floor space as it can reach. You can complement this by using sheer curtains as they do not cover the indoor spaces in the same way as dark and heavy drapes do.

Add a centre light source in your apartment’s focal area.

At first glance, studio apartments looked cramped and crowded. All functions of the house are set on the same floor space, such as the living room, dining room, and bedroom, and study. Most kitchens are fixed in one corner of the unit, situated almost always beside the bathroom.

However, you can brighten up your unit by placing a central light source on your identified focal area. This may be in between the living room section and the dining area, as these are the places where most communal activities happen.

You may want to use a cold white light bulb as it illuminates unit similar to daylight, and provides most coverage compared to warm white bulbs.

If you want a cosy bedroom, use a floor lamp as your light source.

Some people living in studio apartments use a divider to set the bedroom apart from the rest of the other sections that occupy the same floor space. They do this both as a means to privacy and to shed themselves from being disturbed by the central light source as they sleep.

You may want to install a dedicated light source right beside your bed to achieve a cosy, intimate ambiance like those in typical bedrooms. A floor lamp with warm white lighting can do the trick, provided that it has a shade that controls the spread of the light around your bedroom area.

Cabinet lights illuminate the kitchen.

Interior designers in Singapore recommend installing cabinet lights in kitchens, even in studio apartments. This is because these are dedicated lighting sources that allow you to do your kitchen chores properly. 

Kitchens only get a small coverage of central light source, so having the cabinet lights on brightens up this section of your apartment. You can then cook, prepare your food, and clean up without having to fumble in the dark.


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